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Morocco is an excellent country to visit because it has a rich culture and a colourful history. You can explore the ruins of Volubilis, shop for exotic spices in an ancient souk, or stroll through streets and enjoy the many sights, smells and sounds of an old Medina. If you have an opportunity to visit the High Atlas valleys, then you will be able to experience the original nomadic inhabitants of the country who still live in a similar way to their ancient ancestors.

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The country’s long and established history includes fascinating stories about the Berber tribes who used a campaign of harassment to repel the invading Roman colonialists. This tribe also were responsible for an aggressive campaign against the brief French occupation of the country.


Morocco has a culture and population that features a blend of cultural and religious traditions. There are influences from the Berber, African, Mediterranean, Arab, and Jewish inhabitants. When visiting Morocco you can wear casual clothing, but it is important to note that it is disrespectful to reveal your legs or your arms. Therefore, sleeveless tops, shorts, clingy type clothing and swimsuits should be worn only at the poolside or the beach.